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Monday, January 24, 2011

Take A Moment for Yourself

Today while at the gym (I finally dragged myself in there), I was reading my December Self magazine (yep, I'm a month behind) and I came across a brief article that I wanted to share.  It wasn't about how to lose weight or eat healthier, it was about giving a moment to yourself.

We all get caught up in the tasks of our daily lives.  Today, my Monday is filled with to dos like:  planning an art project for my kids' school, running to the grocery store (our pantry is bare), taking the dog out for a walk, dropping off prizes for a school survey, taking my son to the orthodontist, picking up my kids from school, band and dodgeball practice and hurrying over to my older son's soccer game.  We will then end the day at a school fundraising dinner at Aquis followed by a fun evening of homework.   Sound familiar?

So here is the big idea (so obvious but yet we never give ourselves this opportunity), instead of getting overwhelmed by your obligations, take a moment to give yourself some space and to reflect on what really matters to you.  You don't have to sit cross-legged with thumb and index fingers pressed together chanting ohm (although that is not a bad idea), as the article stated, just remember "You're happy.  You're healthy. And you're loved.  Everything else is just the details."

Happy Monday!

P.S. I chose this picture because it makes me smile.  My family had a great day together over the weekend watching the horses at a local farm.  

1 comment:

  1. Living in the now; plan for the futureJanuary 24, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    You are scaring me!

    We get Self magazine, in the mail for the past two years, and I have never read it until this morning.

    The February issue also has a story about taking time for yourself, and the huge benefits from being a little selfish every so often.

    And I guess selfish isn't really the right word, because everyone benefits when you take time for yourself.

    When you come down to it, time is all you really ever have, you only get how much you get, and you really gotta enjoy it!


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