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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicken sCoop II: The Chicken Diaper?

A couple of weeks ago I had a post about chickens.   It seems that multiple friends up and down the valley are raising chickens.  They love them for the fresh eggs that taste incredibly delicious compared to store bought.  Plus you know exactly what's going in them, -that they are free range and handled with tender loving care. 

But, what's next for these chicken?  Apparently they become so addicting you can't just have one, or two, or five chickens.  Well, maybe you can

have under a dozen, but every chicken owner I know becomes hooked on raising them.  They become more than just egg layers, -- they become the family pet. 

The issue is, can that family pet come in the house?  One business savvy woman was recently featured on the Wall Street Journal about her bourgeoning business making - yup - Chicken Diapers.  These reusable diapers allow you to have your chicken and eat the eggs too.  Now Heney Penny can come in the house just like Fido and follow you around. 

If you think this seems a bit foul your chick loving friends will think otherwise and are so happy to have their fowl weather friends inside and out.  I'm not clucking you!

So, before you rule out these chicken lovers, there's plenty of gold in them their eggs!  So keep a straight face and perhaps you'll be the creator of the next golden egg!


  1. OMG chicken diapers really?! This was a very interesting blog spot. And to think of someone coming up with CHICKEN DIAPERS., and making money from that. Well all I can say only in America. I doubt you would find anything like that in Russia. Or would you? Have to stay tuned to find out this is going to be fun.

  2. Chicken diapers and saddles are great!, I make them and chicken lovers absolutely love them!


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