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Friday, March 4, 2011

Affairs of the Heart--Fitness Friday

We are squeaking in a Fitness Friday post from our favorite fitness guru, Adrienne Robinson.  Read this post and then get up and get that heart pumpin.

The heart is an involuntary muscle. It does not need to be reminded to beat, it does it without command. And you cannot stop it from beating fast when you see a loved one, or are excited or scared. Nor can you stop it from slowing down while you sleep. But you can increase your heartrate with exercise so it continues to do all those involuntary actions for a very long time. Even though the heart is an involuntary muscle, it is still a muscle that needs exercise. Exercise helps to make it strong by keeping blood vessels(i.e. veins and arteries), clear of debris, and powerful enough to withstand the demands you place on it by your daily and weekend warrior activities. While your heart may beat fast for other reasons, voluntarily go out and increase its heartrate to let the beat go on! Lubdub...lubdub...

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