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Friday, July 1, 2011

Juice In The City (JITC) - A GREAT WAY TO SAVE

Most of you are probably familiar with daily deals sites….they seem to be popping up in lots of places these days. But, there’s only one that feels like it was customized for me…….Juice in the City.

I recently spotted a daily deal for a facial at Belleza Makeup Artistry and Skincare in San Jose.  I got $125 worth for just $60.  It's great having "me time" at a great discount.

THE WAY IT WORKS: Juice in the City has a unique twist that sets it apart from the rest—the site is run by moms, for moms.

If you haven’t tried a daily deal, you might wonder what this is all about. Essentially, Local Business Consultants (aka Moms like you and me) work with local businesses to bring amazing discounts. You can take advantage of them and purchase a voucher (mine was good for 6 months)………..print the voucher and redeem at the business. Super fast and easy!

If you want the deal, you can get it….no need for a certain amount of people to sign up before you can buy it. Deals generally expire at midnight….and they accept all major credit cards.

THE BEST NEWS IS if you accidentally let your voucher “expire”, you can still get the equivalent value of services you paid from the vendor, you are just not guaranteed that specific deal.

Markets where Juice in the City Deals are available (more coming soon):

Dallas/Ft Worth area (Collin County, Denton County, Mid-Cities, etc)
Houston (Greater Katy & Sugarland)
Los Angeles (South Bay)
Phoenix (Scottsdale)
San Diego
San Francisco (East Bay, Peninsula, and South Bay)
…..more coming soon!!!

These deals are so popular, and some go really fast! The one I purchased sold out in a day in the San Francisco area.  And the deals can be for lots of different things……you’ll see restaurants, children’s events, adult events, spa services, summer camps, hair salons, coffee shops etc. These make great gifts!
These daily deals are powerful…….Juice in the City customers practically bought out the entire theater for a show of “The Berenstein Bears” on stage recently at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City.

So get ready, as I’ll be bringing you some “juicy deals” I spot occasionally from Juice in the City. But, you can always visit the site daily!


This is a sponsored post and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City daily deals. All statements and opinions are mine.

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