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Friday, July 8, 2011

More Lessons from the Bike Lanes

Tomorrow my husband is dropping off my bike with my uncle who has thankfully offered to drive my bike across country for the RAGBRAI.  For the next two weeks, I will not have my bike and therefore my "training" has officially come to an end.  YIKES!!!  I have squeezed in several rides over the past weeks and here are a few more lessons I have learned from the lanes........
  • If You Use Clips You Will Fall.  I was very nervous to "clip in" for a huge fear of falling.  To those of you who are not familiar with this term--clipping in is when you wear special shoes that actually clip to the bike pedals.   Finally this past week, I started to use my new bike shoes and sure enough despite my efforts, I have taken a couple of spills.  It is amazing how easy it is to forget that your feet are attached to a pedal when you come to a stop.  Ouch!
  • Learn how to work your gears before riding up a hill.   Riding up any kind of incline will be much easier when you know how to work your gears.  It is also helpful in avoiding spills--especially when you are clipped into your pedals.  My knees and elbows can attest to this fact.
  • Cycling is a HUGE time sink.  Cycling sucks up a ton of time.  While short rides are easy to squeeze in, getting in a 25-30 mile ride takes me at least 2 hours.   I have yet to ride 50 miles at once and that is what I'll be doing for a week.  Holy moly why didn't I do a 50 mile day?
  • I do not have the need for speed.   Speed is an issue for me, in that I do not like to go fast.  Despite my husband's advice, I tend to ride my brakes when descending any hill--big or small.   I guess I'm a bit of a granny rider.
  • Chamois cream may be a girl's best friend.   While I don't know this from first hand experience (yet), my friend who is an amazing cyclist, insists that I purchase some of this stuff stat.  The whole idea of saddles sores gives me the heebie jeebies but it sounds like this is a must have.  
  • I actually enjoy the sport.  Despite all of my whining, I actually enjoy riding more than I though I would.  I doubt I will ever sign up for another 450 mile ride.  Although, the RAGBRAI may end up being so much fun that I become a regular.

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