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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

@EyeFiCard Makes Instant Upload a Snap with Digital Camera

Can you imaging taking a photo with your digital camera and being able to instantly send it to your iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop similar to the way you can with your smartphone?

Now nearly any digital camera that uses an SDHC card (which unfortunately excludes my Canon 7D which uses Compact Flash memory) can instantly upload photos to an online album or Facebook.  

There's a new Eye in town, the new Eye-Fi SDHC card from Eye-Fi.  This amazing little SDHC card enables over a thousand cameras to raise their IQ score and become almost as smart as your iPhone.  My Nikon Coolpix is one of them.

How does it work?  The Eye-Fi card is the first SDHC card with wireless capability.  It looks, feels and basically works just like your other SDHC cards except for one big exception: it has built-in Wi-Fi that enables you to effortlessly and seamlessly upload your photos and videos to your iPhone, iPad or Android.  It even lets you upload them to your PC or Mac.  It's the first card ever on the planet with this feature.

With the Eye-Fi card you will never run out of space on your memory card capturing your vacation, birthday, wedding and Project 365 photos.  Plus you can create online photo albums for your family and friends almost as fast as you can take them.  In the past several years friends and relatives have had their cameras lost or stolen during vacation.  If only they had the Eye-Fi card - they could have been spared the loss of their photos.

I recently got an Eye-Fi card to test.  Installation was quick and simple.  After you take everything out of the box, plug the Eye-Fi Card Reader into one of your laptop's USB ports along with the wireless SDHC card.  It will begin initializing immediately.  You only need the card reader once to install the application, after that you're set unless you want to add another device or make and adjustment.

On a PC you will see the following dialog box appear.  Once you see this you can follow all of the instructions as they appear to complete the one-time installation on your device.  Once you have installed it, it's ready to begin using and the wireless technology will take effect.

During the install process you reach this screen to create an account.  Be sure to create a strong password (I always advise this).

You will have the option to pick from a selection of favorite online albums or social media platfoms such as Facebook to instantly upload your images.  I set mine up for Flickr, as I have a Pro account and use that to post most of my photos.  I also set it up to upload to a directory on my laptop.

Once you're all set, this is what the Eye-Fi center looks like.  You can begin uploading instantly and start organizing, tracking and sharing your photos.

Currently there are 3 products to choose from: the Eye-Fi Connect x2 4GB, the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB (basically does everything the 4GB does with twice the storage capability), and the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB (everything the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB has plus RAW and geotagging).

This amazing Eye-Fi card enabled my point-and-shoot camera to be a smart camera. Instantly.  As a matter of fact it makes my point-and-shoot smarter than my iPhone because it uploads the photos to the designated devices I established during installation.  As I mentioned I set my Eye-Fi card to upload to my PC and Flickr.  I took a few test shots and in less than a minute my images appeared in my Flickr album and in the Eye-Fi directory on my laptop.  I didn't have to do anything other than take the photo.  In addition it sent an email to me with the option to share or download the images.  By designating more than one upload destination, in effect you are creating a disaster recovery process so you are at ease deleting previous photos on the SD card to make room for more.  You never have to worry that your images will be lost.

Right now you can purchase the Eye-Fi card online or at Best Buy.  The Eye-Fi is a must buy for the photographer in your family.  Get it before the holidays to ensure you preserve your digital memories.  This makes a great gift, too.

Eye-Fi - my only wish is that you will start making a wireless Compact Flash card soon, then my large professional Canon camera can be just as smart as my little camera.

Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of the Eye-Fi Mobile 8GB card.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any manner for my review.  

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