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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last Words to My Children: Take the Time to Write a Love Letter to your Children

In the winter of 2010, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a bleak winter to say the least. But out of the haze and once we had a handle on our situation, I started to assess my priorities. I realized how much time is wasted worrying about the little stuff in life and it seemed that people all around me were worried about the wrong things. In fact, people shouldn't worry much at all because when something like cancer strikes you begin to profoundly fathom how little control we have in our lives.

We schedule activities for ourselves and our kids, we have work that consumes our daily lives, but really, in the end, what is it that matters most? It shouldn't take getting a diagnosis like cancer to make you stop and smell the roses. But too often it does take a shock like that or to someone close to you to shake you to your core. What I have learned from my experience and that of others close to me is that there are several important things you should do as a parent, as a husband or wife, or as a life partner. And these things are not "just in case." These things can be done year after year to build up a treasure trove of love letters. And they can help anyone left behind to ease their grief and help them on their journey in this life. Because you just never know what fate will bring: (Click on this link to take you to the full story on Yahoo! Shine)

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