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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As posted on Juice in the City September 14, 2011.

As parents we often go about our day on autopilot.  Whether we are parents who work from the office, or parents who work from home, our life becomes a routine.  We get up, get our children off to school, go to work, go grocery shopping, act as chauffer, and get dinner on the table.  Once everyone is cleaned up and tucked in bed, the routine starts all over again.

But then, one day, something happens.  You get the news that someone you love dearly is ill, gravely ill.

In the case of my husband, one day I was in the midst of planning a huge surprise 50th birthday party for him.  I planned it 3 months before his actual birthday in order to catch him off guard.  To be honest, I was on the verge of not having a major party for him because of the cost, time and effort.

Thankfully, a dear friend convinced me that these major milestones should be celebrated; that you never look back to regret those big celebrations.  And so I proceeded.  One day in November 2009 I pulled off the best surprise celebration for him.  It turned out my friend was right.  Just 2 months afterwards, during my husband’s routine annual physical, his doctor detected a suspicious lump.   My husband went in for a biopsy and it was confirmed.  I will never forget that one day in January 2010 when we learned he had prostate cancer.

One day we’re celebrating his life, and then one day we’re in the fight of his life.

Just this past summer my family learned that my oldest brother has pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the rarest of all cancers and also one of the most devastating.  As the youngest sister, I have always looked up to and adored my big brother.  My brother is a world renown doctor who has helped people his whole life.

One day you’re a doctor, the next day you’re a patient.

One day you’re on vacation with your family looking forward to the years ahead, and then one day you’re receiving news that the cancer has spread.

One day, when something like this happens to you, whether it is a heart attack, a stroke, cancer or a car accident, you will never be the same.  Your core is shaken and you realize that how you lived your life before will never be quite the same.  You will still have routines and you will still go about your day on autopilot.  But you will have a renewed appreciation and new sense of purpose.  You see and feel things in a whole new way.

It was one day this year when I learned about writing opportunities at Juice in the City.  Initially I was doing this as another means of discretionary income for my family.  But one day something changed.  It was the day my family was affected by cancer.  One day while typing away I realized I could do something with my writing.  My writing had a new sense of purpose.

This year all of my earnings from Juice in the City will go towards pancreatic research.  It is time this devastating cancer is wiped from the face of the earth.  One day I hope to look back and see that I have made a difference.  One day I hope to raise awareness and help raise money that goes toward developing a cure for pancreatic cancer.

We can all make a difference if we took just one day to reflect on all that we have.  And make a difference with something we do, today.

We are all in this together.  Join me, one day, and write with a purpose that is close to your heart.  So that we can all look forward to the years ahead.

One day, in August 2010, we received word that my husband was cancer-free.  One day soon, I hope to hear that my brother will get well.  That will be one day I shall celebrate and dance until my feet hurt.  I can’t wait until that day.

Remember.  One day is all it takes to make a difference.  One day.

Tina Case is a freelance writer, blogger and professional photographer.  She co-owns two blogs, www.parentgrapevine.blogspot.com and www.momswhoclick.com.  Her articles have been published on Yahoo! Shine, Yahoo! Movies and Yahoo! News.  Several of her photos have appeared in international publications.  She is a new contributor to Juice in the City and 100% of her earnings this year will go toward www.pancan.org, a pancreatic cancer action network.  To learn more contact Tina at tinacase@yahoo.com.

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