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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quizlet - Have you Checked out This Great Learning Tool for your Child?

Every now and then a  product so great comes out you have to tell your friends.  Especially when it comes to kids and school, a great product is always good to tell other parents and kids about.

Quizlet is one such product.  For a demo of Quizlet, check out this link.  What's cool about Quizlet is it allows you to be in the driver's seat, creating your own custom flash cards.   If you think you've made a great deck you can share them with others.  Quizlet also allows you to share your custom flash cards with others if you choose.

In addition to the flashcards, you can create various timed games that make the challenge fun and engaging.  The way you can create these games makes learning fun and engaging.

Beyond the tools for school, these are also great ways for senior citizens to keep their brains strong.  If you want to brush up on a foreign language, there are plenty of available flash card decks to test your memory.  check it out and soon your children will be asking if they can play, which in the case of Quizlet, means "can they study!"

1 comment:

  1. gFlashcards is very good alternative to studyblue. I use it for my art classes.


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