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Monday, October 31, 2011

Introducing EnnouncementCards.com @EC_Cards

by Tina Case

As a photographer I tend to want to see my photos in print.  But, when time is of the essence and I want to just send a quick update to friends and family, I now head over to the new EnnouncementCards (By the way, EnnouncementCards was founded by CEO and MOM - Rochelle Leon.)

EnnouncementsCards is a free (yes, totally free) site that allows you to create, customize and personalize any sort of card you'd like.  Have a friend's birthday coming up?  Or a save-the-date invite you'd like to send out? Then click on over to EnnouncementCards and get those creative juices flowing.  EC is environmentally friendly since there's no paper involved.

What sets EnnouncementCards apart from the rest?  They are mainly an announcement card company that also offers invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards, greeting cards and more!  This service is FREE, easy, and fun way to announce all of the wonderful occasions and accomplishments of your family!

They've taken e-cards to a whole new level by replacing cheesy animated e-cards with classy, elegant and stylish online cards to announce events big & small - everything from having a new baby to a job promotion to your son's little league championship to your daughter having made the honor roll!  Each EnnouncementCard beautifully blends the look of a traditional paper card with the convenience of an e-card.

It's important to point out that every card is fully customizable, including the option to easily add a photo.  This gives you the opportunity to add your own personal touch to every card you send.  Take a look, play around and find a card to send out at EnnouncementCards.com

And pass the link to your friends.  We think they'll love it as much as we do:) 

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