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Thursday, October 27, 2011

@mymoby - Never Wonder "Where Are You!?"

by Tina Case

Do you often find yourself calling your kids or spouse during the day and asking, "Where are you right now?"  Between after school sports activities and spouses being stuck in bad traffic it's a never ending quest to find out where everyone is.  Now you can now find out exactly where they are with a great app called MOBY.

Moby is available for the the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.  This FREE (yes, free!) app provides instant information on your loved ones whereabouts.   

There are other apps including Facebook that have tools indicating when people have checked in or out of a location.  But Moby is different.  Moby safely and securely transmits information between family and friends on your designated list.  You can even see their location on a map.  You have full control over who can or cannot see your location and even "hide" out for a while if you do not want to have it on 24/7.

How does Moby work?   Moby uses the GPS capabilities of your phone to share and display your location in real time.  If someone in your circle does not have a smartphone, you can still send them alerts via Email or SMS.

In addition to your immediate family - what about your elderly mother or father?  Set them up with Moby to be sure they are safe throughout the day.   If they live alone, Moby can help ease your mind by knowing your family member is safe and where they should be.

Or how about your child who is away at camp or college?  Set them up with Moby to be sure you know they are safe and sound.

What if your loved one is unable to talk?  With just one button they can send an emergency alert to let you know they are in distress.  Perhaps they have a flat tire or were in a car accident.  One button will alert you to there whereabouts.  It's that easy.

So what are you waiting for?  This could be the one app that keeps your family in touch and you never have to ask "Where ARE you?" again.

Full Disclosure:  Moby is a free product.  I was not compensated in any form for my review.

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