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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW BALANCE NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphones: Get a Pair!

Of all the many accessories you can purchase for your iPod, headsets are probably one of the most personal to each of us.  The minute you pop those ear buds directly in your ear, there’s no way you would want to share them with someone you don’t know.  I barely want to share them with my own husband!

Now there’s a product so personalized and so close to your heart, literally, that it only has eyes for you.  At an incredible price, ($99.99) anyone who works out should check out this clever, form-fitting and best exercise buddy you could want, the New Balance NB639 Fitness Evolved headphones

I mentioned that the NB639 is close to your heart.  With a one-touch heart rate monitor, you’ll never have to check your pulse with a watch or wear a bulky chest strap to check your heart rate.  Just touch your thumb to the One-Touch Heart Rate Monitor and it provides that information to you instantly.  It can even store your data so you can track your progress and share results with your workout buddies.

My husband loves to compete in triathlons and events like the Tough Mudder and Muddy Buddy.   To build and maintain his strength and stamina he swims, bikes and runs several times a week.  He’s diligent about his workout routine and in the past has purchased all sorts of gadgets to track his progress and capture his vitals. 

In the past he had those cumbersome and awkward tools that connect to your chest or attach to your watch.  He even had one that was in his shoe.  They each lasted about 2 months. I don’t even know where they are now; I might have washed them accidentally.

But the NB639 is so easy to use and elegantly designed it’s a snap to use.  Check out this video:

In addition to the heart monitor it is a pedometer and workout timer.  With a simple touch of a button it provides audible feedback without the need to pause your music. 

Installation and out-of-the-box performance was a breeze.  The voice response is non-intrusive as it speaks over the music while you work out.  It has a nice Heart Pal display with graphs that show your running information and tracks your progress.  The ear buds are form-fitting, soft and stayed in during all of my husband’s workouts.  The color combination of red-black is sleek and modern.

So whether you’re a hiker, runner or biker, the New Balance NB639 Fitness Evolved headphones should be on your list to check out.  Makes an excellent gift for the athlete in your family.  We give these an "A" for comfort, ease-of-use, great workout tool and design.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with the New Balance NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphones to test out and keep for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for my review.


  1. Do you get to keep the headphones you were provided for this review?

  2. yes, we were provided with a set to test and review. From a hygiene point of view, it would not be ideal to return these since they are inserted into your ear. I clarified that we were able to keep these at the bottom of this post under full disclosure.

  3. Cool. I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I was just curious.

  4. thanks for your comment, Harold, I did not take it that way at all. i realized I should be more clear in the full disclosure so it wouldn't be a question. My husband definitely loves these headphones. if you're an athlete, you'll have to check them out :)

  5. these are nice, but the ones with the plastic/rubber thingy that you insert in your ear hurts my ears. and I loose my earphones every month. So :( its a no for me. I search for the cheapest ones I can find, nothing above ten box for me.


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