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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't Gain Pounds over the Holidays: @Fullbar with Slendesta

It's that time of year. And I don't just mean the holidays.  It's also that time of year when people start putting on the pounds because of all the sweet goodies and savory seasonal entrees at parties and family get-togethers.

So check out Fullbar.  Fullbar with Slendest utilizes 2 distinct fullness mechanisms.  They help promote weight loss by making you feel full and therefore you eat less.

Eat 2 Fullbars, one before lunch and the other before dinner.   You will feel fuller naturally.  And in turn you will not eat so much afterwards.  Scientifically your wiring is stimulated and the feedback loop is telling your brain that you are full.

So far I have tried 2 days worth of these bars.  I have to say I was slightly skeptical.   I do not need to lose weight but I do not always make the time to fix a healthy lunch.  But when I tried Fullbar it has a great texture and does fill me up.  It has healthy ingredients, all-natural, and taste great.  I have the double chocolate - what could be better?

Fullbar is the creation of Dr. Michael Snyder.  You can find Fullbar in health stores and mainstream grocery stores nationwide. And keep off the pounds this holiday season.

Disclaimer: I was provided with samples of the product.  I was not compensated for my review, all opinions are my own.

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