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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post on Jeanette's Healthy Living Blog

by Tina Case

In honor of November being National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, a cause near and dear to my heart, I was honored to write a guest post on Jeanette's Healthy Living food blog.  Jeanette is a childhood friend of mine from way back when.  She is one of the top food bloggers who writes about recipes that help fight cancer. Since her blog started she has since added wonderful, healthy and tasty recipes that are good for folks with food allergies, something she knows all too well with her youngest son who was diagnosed with a number of food-related allergies.

Please take a look at Jeanette's blog.  We will be sharing some wonderful recipes for Thanksgiving in the next few days.  Be prepared to bookmark them because they will become family favorites for sure.

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