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Friday, November 18, 2011

iPad2 an Hour Giveaway: And Check out @ZAGGdaily

Have I told you lately how much I just LOVE my iPad (click on the link and I'll remind you).  Well I love it so much I bought another, but this time an iPad2.  Now my kids are happy with a family iPad and I have the latest and greatest.

What made my iPad2 experience even more enjoyable is the sleek, slick and high tech Zaggfolio.  I had to buy a case anyway.  The last one I bought for my original iPad classic cost $60. So why not pay just a tiny bit more and get this case complete with a keyboard.  Now when I travel I just take my "ZaggPad" as I call it.  It's a  lot easier to travel with plus you don't have to take it out of your bag at airport security (iPads are not required to be checked by the TSA at the airport).

How would you like to win an iPad 2 on Black Friday?

Check out this amazing iPad2 an Hour Giveaway at Zagg.  Click here for details and to enter.

Click on over to Zagg's site and enter.  Be sure to mark your calendar for this fun contest, and be sure to check out the cool products from Zagg for your smart phone.  I purchased the Zaggskin and Smartbuds to go with mine.

Good luck!  And Happy Turkey Day!

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