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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Shopper's Dream---The Savvy App

By Kristina Rust

I love a good deal.  My favorite four letter word is S-A-L-E and  I am serious about saving money.  I have no qualms about marching into a store to get my price adjustment if an item I purchased went on sale after I bought it.   The problem is,  it is hard to keep track of these markdowns and I'm sure I've missed out on hundreds of dollars in savings.

Well, all that is going to change now that I have the new Savvy app.    Last week, I was invited to a blogger brunch where we were introduced to this new app for the iPhone (and soon to be released for Android).  And let's just say they had me at "savings."

Here is what the Savvy app can do........

The Savvy app allows you to scan the receipt of your purchase using your iPhone's camera or by manually entering the bar code information on the Savvy website.  If the item goes on sale, Savvy will notify you so that you can receive a price adjustment (according to the retailer's policy).   To see a list of the supported retailers, click here

Here is a super cute top I bought at Anthropologie and if it goes on sale, I'll be notified so that I can go back to the store to get my price adjustment (and you know I will!).

If this were not enough, the app also allows you to keep a Watch List and has a cool Deal Maker feature.  The Watch List feature lets you keep a list of items you may want to purchase and receive updates on them when a special or deal is available.   The Deal Maker feature allows you to scan the price of an item you are interested in and you can tell Savvy how much you'd be willing to pay.   If the price drops to that amount, Savvy will let you know.  How cool is that?

For example, I was able to scan the barcode of a pair of sateen skinny pants at Anthropologie that I loved (but I'm don't want to shell out $98 for them) and enter in the price I'd be willing to pay ($60).  Now if those pants (perfect for the holidays) get marked down to "my" price, I'll be notified and I'll quickly jump in my car and head on back to the store.

The Savvy app has just been released and has a few little glitches but I love the app and am so excited to save money this holiday shopping season!  

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a yummy brunch, an iPhone Savvy cover (which my new iPhone is now sporting) and some money to go on a Savvy shopping spree while trying out the app.  The opinions expressed are my own and I received no further compensation.  

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