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Monday, November 14, 2011

Smile - Your Family is on Smilebox! @smilebox

by Tina Case
What photo sharing tool does your family use?  It sure can get confusing when there's a wide array of online photo tools out there.  But after attending a presentation about Smilebox I am narrowing my sights to a social photo sharing tool that is so easy, fun and flexible you may not want to use any other photo tool again.

Check out Smilebox.  It's free for the PC or Mac.  Unlike other online photos sharing tools, your photos reside on your computer, not on a distant server.  And now you can get the Smilebox app for your iPhone, which according to statistics is one of the most popular point-and-click cameras people have with them these days.

“Our goal was to reinvent the way people stay personally connected on the go,” said Andrew Wright, president of the Smilebox division.  “We insisted on going beyond photo-filter effects and group sharing and created a simple and fun way to make everyday mobile photo sharing more meaningful.  The result is an addictive way of staying connected that brings people closer together.”

The Smilebox iPhone app (and soon will have a version for the Droid) is so smart and easy, it makes sharing your photos with loved ones a breeze.  What's different is the simplicity of adding personalized touches such as stickers, "swipes," captions and frames for nearly any occasion you can think of.  With loads of fresh designs every week, there's so much to choose from it gets addicting.  

You're in control with how you share your photos, whether it is via email, Facebook or SMS.  And you can share comments back and forth with your friends.  It's a great way to document those everyday moments in the story of your family's life.  Share what's happening with friends and family even if they are miles away.

Be sure to check out the wide selection of frames, cards and fun tools.

Be sure to check out the "wrap up" feature with the Smilebox iPhone. app.  It automatically creates a digital collage of that day's photos for you.  Instantly.  What can be easier than that?  send it to your husband when he's away on a business trip, or to the grandparents who live across the country - or across the street.  

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