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Monday, November 7, 2011

Take the Challenge, the @WATAAH Challenge

A key challenge for any parent is making sure your children get the right balance of nutrition amid all of the food and drink temptations they are faced with on a daily basis.  Even though Halloween is already in the past those gobs of candy treats are reminders of the sugary goodies our kids see all the time.  Plus, when our kids are not in our sight they get hand-outs during school lunch from friends and many can buy whatever looks appealing at the school cafeteria.

I put my kids up to the WAT-AAH challenge recently.  However, I knew the outcome before it even started.  My kids have learned through continued reinforcement how to make sound nutrition choices.  I wrote about ways you can teach your kids about reading nutrition facts in a previous post.  

I was very happy to learn that my kids' high school started offering Wat-aah as an option.  My daughter, who is a junior, said she sees kids with bottles of it all the time now.  When you present good options kids will gravitate toward them.  It's a matter of getting school districts and parents involved in the process.

My family loves the latest lineup of small 10 ounce bottles.   They are easy to take a long on a picnic or as part of a soccer game snack.  These handy little bottles are even small enough to carry in your purse.  

Check out the latest in the lineup of Wat-aah drinks, all with absolutely NO sugar:Defense (16oz) - NEW! Ultra pure water with immune boosting zinc
Energy (16oz) - Ultra pure water with energizing oxygen
Power (16oz) - Ultra Pure Water with bone-building Magnesium
Brain (16 and 10oz) - Ultra pure water with kid-friendly electrolytes
Body (16 and 10oz) - Pure Spring Water, no sodium or chloride

So take the challenge.  Buy a case of Wat-aah and see what your children gravitate toward.  Pack the Brain Wat-aah in their school lunch.  Your kids will feel refreshed and start yelling for more.  Remember, it's a choice what you buy at the supermarket.  Make the right choice when it comes to drinks.

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