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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yahoo! Get-It-Guide Guru! @YahooShine #getitguide

by Tina Case
It's exciting to be part of this superlative group of women bloggers and writers.  10 of us were selected from across the country and are all thoroughly excited to be part of the "GIG". A number of press releases were posted this week including this one on CNBC World Wide, MarketWatch and of course Yahoo! News.  

Yahoo! Shine is one of the top women channels on the internet with over 30 million visitors a month.

Our goal as part of the GIG (Get-It-Guide) Team: to test the various, most talked-about products based on Yahoo searches.  Our first test was to check out 4 top selling celebrity fragrances.  The fragrances we tested were: Jennifer Anniston by Jennifer Anniston, Heat by Beyonce, Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears and Someday by Justin Bieber.

In our first post, each one of us "Get-It-Guide Gurus" write about our olfactory challenge as candidly as you would talk to your best friend.  We want to be honest about our findings and tell it like it is.  It may differ from Guru to Guru, but we speak our minds.  You can check out the summary from the 10 Gurus here.  And my post can be found here - see which fragrance hit the mark, and which one didn't.

Check out my cohorts on the Get-it-Guide panel.  Sahar Aker, Shelby Barone, Katie Dillon, Jodi Grundig, Ashley Laurel, Sarah Lipoff, Anne-Marie Nichols, Michelle Rivera and Clare Yeakel.

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