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Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Auto Body Shops Bay Area

If you're in the market for a great Auto Body Shop - we have TWO that fit the bill.  

From one of our favorite readers, Laura swears by Don & John's Automotive in Sunnyvale.  She says, "Love my mechanic. Last time I had the car in for repairs, it was there a while and got sap all over it. Cost a bunch to have it cleaned. Brought the car back in for service and told him ... don't park it under that tree again when you're done. He did one better ... this service was on the house. Don & John's Automotive in Sunnyvale is the BEST!"
I also have a recommendation based on two experiences with my Honda Odyssey.  My first experience was based on someone rear-ending me in a Costco parking lot.  They admitted it was their fault and urged me to go to their favorite shop, Yeaman's Auto Body shot (YAB Inc)..  I got 3 estimates and Yeaman's came in the lowest.  It is in East Palo Alto off of Bayshore Freeway.  They are honest, fast and reliable.

The second time I used their services was when someone collided into the side of my van attempting to make an illegal U-turn.  Yeaman's to the rescue.  Fixed and like-new even during the busy holiday season.

By the way as the parent of a new teen driver, I highly recommend taking your new teen driver to an autobody shop.  Have the mechanic show them some of the vehicles and the damage that was done by careless drivers.  The owner of Yeaman's showed me a brand new Prius that was rear-ended by a teenage driver who was not paying attention and totaled both cars.  I'm sure her parents are not happy, and the cost of their insurance went through the roof.

What auto-body shops do you like?  Even if you're not from the San Francisco-San Jose area, leave a comment!


  1. Yes I too feel that they sounds great and one of the reason behind it may be that they are providing full car body care services to their clients and It is really exciting in the sense that client who is coming to them is assured that he will get some quality care for his car.

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  3. I’m having some issues regarding my auto body and looking for a good mechanic that could help me out with my problem. Thanks for sharing this informative tips! Keep posting more!


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