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Friday, December 2, 2011

Canon Camera Lost at Sea

by Tina

A story of interest that caught my attention is this Canon EOS 1000D that was lost at sea.  It was discovered by Markus Thompson when he was scuba diving in Deep Bay by Vancouver, British Columbia.  A budding photographer and naturalist, he was curious if the camera still worked once it was on shore.

For over a year this expensive camera was submerged in the ocean and alas it no longer worked.  But amazingly the SD card was recovered and about 50 photos were in tact.  Those photos enabled Markus to sleuth the internet with social networking sites and find the original owner.  What social networking site did he use?  It wasn't Facebook, it was Google+.  And guess how long it took him to find the owner - less than 24 hours.

Using those 50+ photos, images were posted to try and track the owner.  The photos were of a regional firefighting competition and quickly helped narrow the search.  Finally, the owner, a firefighter from B.C. was identified.

The power of the internet - and the power of a good SD card!  I think for all of the publicity, Canon should send this firefighter a new camera!

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