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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Fun: The Family that Plays Together

The photo below is an entry for the I HEART PHOTO Contest, "Family Fun."  I took this self-timed image of my family on New Year's Day. We  had a lot of fun taking this on the railroad behind our home.  I had to jump to position after setting the timer on my camera.  It was funny as we were all trying to have a serious face as if this were for the cover of a music album.  A friend and her kids were biking by and smiled as we took this.

This photo reflects the changes my family is going through, especially me.  Our year is about The Family that Plays Together...Stays Together.  Time is fleeting, so we cherish these moments every single day.

The Family that Plays Together

For the observant guitar aficionado, some of those guitars above are in fact Wii Guitar Hero controls.

My kids are all learning to play "Safe and Sound" by The Civil War featuring Taylor Swift.  They all have real guitars in this photo to the left.

Nothing like a good song to get them motivated to practice.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Oh, I wish we could all play guitars! We just hum and beat on the tables like they're drums and drive each other nuts with our rhythms!

  2. Very cool! I like the photo of you all practicing together too:)

  3. This is fun, I also teach my son how to play the guitar so that we could jam someday. Thanks.


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