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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365/2011 - Will you do Project 366/2012?

Whew - what a feat it was to complete Project 365.   What began as a bit of a task for me became a joy and an  amazing outlet to document a year-in-the-life.  While not all of the photos had an artistic slant, they did cause me to reflect, get inspired and think about how I see things in everyday life.

My family, who has been following my project, was adamant that the last photo end on a similar "note."  My husband, who had his own Guitar 365, learning to play the guitar, is seen on both Day 1 and Day 365.  It's been wonderful for us to experience an artistic outlet that we both get lost in and in the "zone."

Above, Day 1 of Project 365, and Day 365
Will you try Project 366 in 2012 (it is a leap year)?  364 days ago I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete this.  But today, at Day 365, I know I will.  Follow us as we enter Project 366 Take 2.

Meanwhile here's our look back at 2011:

Tina's Project 365/2011

Kristina's Project 365/2011

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