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Monday, January 16, 2012

What to Expect on Your Dog's First Vet Visit

by Tina 
As a new pet owner, there are many things you need to prepare for. One of the most important is your first visit with your vet. All too often, new pet owners only consider the fun side of owning a dog. They forget the importance of maintaining their dog's health. Regular vaccinations and check-ups are critical to keeping your new family member living a long and happy life.
What can you expect at your first vet visit? Be prepared and check these tips before you and your first dog or puppy head out to the vet:
#1 Bring current records
If you have a new puppy this might be their first or second visit to the vet. Oftentimes, the breeders may have supplied the first round of vaccinations. Be sure to ask and get records of those shots if that's the case. If they did not provide the first round of vaccinations, then it's vital for you to schedule a vet appointment within the first few weeks after bringing your dog home. If your dog is older, perhaps you got him from a rescue group or shelter; find out if they administered vaccinations before you bring him home. If not, you will need to schedule an appointment and get your pup up-to-date (..continued on Yahoo! Shine)

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