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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Power of Love: February Word of the Month

by Tina

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about The Power of Affirmations.  I include a list my Power Words for each month of this year, and my one word for 2012, Transformative.  I use these words as daily reminders about my goals especially after coming off of a very emotional year in 2011.  

For the month of January, many of my photos were of flowers.  I see flowers as a statement of new beginnings.  They bloom with such grace, power and fragile beauty.  They mark the beginning of a season.  And they provide nectar, the fruit of life!

February is the month of love, passion, romance.  It will be fun to find all of these around me in this +1 day of February.  What are your words for the year or month?

Here is my list of words for 2012:

2012 - Transformative
  • January - Beginnings
  • February - Love
  • March - Fortune
  • April - Blossom
  • May - Meditative
  • June - Cause
  • July - Remember
  • August - Change
  • September - Assemble
  • October - Formative
  • November - Rememberance
  • December - Devotion
Share your words or word.  And check out the ONE WORD project my friend is 'focused' on.


  1. I have to agree, for Febuary , I think my word would also have to be love. I love valentines and letting my family know how much I love them :)

    1. Hi Toledomama88 - thanks for sharing your word of the month with us. And please be sure you enter all of our contests, we have the Abreva one and Converse Shoe giveaway, both end Feb 3rd.


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