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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is Your 6 Word Story?

by Kristina

Have you heard of SMITH Magazine and the Six Word Memoirs?

I had not heard of it until Kim Klassen suggested we come up with our own six word story in the Beyond Layers class.  (The Beyond Layers class is a photography class that I've  been participating in and highlighting on our sister blog, Moms Who Click).  

Little did I know that there is a series of bestselling books on the subject and that the project has been featured in numerous magazines and tv and radio programs.  You can see the full  list of press coverage here.  It is impressive!   And  check out this video to become inspired!

Anyway, inspired by the website and encouraged by Kim to come up with my own six word story, I sat with pen and paper a few evenings this week and came up with these versions for myself:
  • Mother of four; lover of life
  • Headed West and never went back
  • Midwestern gal living the California dream
  • Learning, growing, loving;  every single day
  • Slowly moving forward; step by step
  • Worrywart who is learning to relax
I have a few other versions in my notebook and my six word stories are growing.  What is your six word story?   You can share it on Smith Magazine's Website and if you'd like to share it with us, please leave your story in the comments below.

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