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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Vision 12/2012 - Step 8: Seek a Mentor

by Tina

This is part seven in a ten part series called Project Vision: 12/2012.  Get in touch with your innate skills and turn it into a dream job or business.  Or just do it for the love of it and see where it takes you.

Earlier this year, in order to improve my skill as a photographer, I sought out a mentor.  I approached this person based on their skill, expertise and breadth of work.  I simply sent an email and figured "what's the worse that could happen - that they would say no?"  But I have found that professionals who have attained a certain level of success are more than willing to help others who are on their own personal journey in learning.  They love to help others out.

We ended up meeting for a cup of coffee.  I thought it might last 30 minutes. But 2 hours later we were still talking.  Ideas were flowing and the energy and excitement grew.  It was incredible to be able to find a mentor who's work I admire and who I can bounce ideas off of at anytime.  

My goal is to meet quarterly with my mentor to increase my proficiency as a photographer.  A mentor is also someone who can introduce you to other professionals and help you form a strong alliance with people in the same field.

I've also been fortunate to have several writing mentors and editors who provide writing prompts and make suggestions on how to copy edit my own work.  I love the combination of writing and photography, they make a great natural team.

If you want to improve at something you do, find a mentor.  Seek out someone who's work you admire and ask them if they'd be willing to be your mentor.

Have you ever mentored anyone?  Who might you ask to be a mentor?

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