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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quantumwave Cold Laser - Feel and See the Difference

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I had the opportunity to test a QuantumWave cold laser.   I was not in the market initially.  But my husband just happened to be talking to a friend who recently told him that his lower back pain was significantly reduced after several treatments with a cold laser.

What is a cold laser?
Cold lasers, also known as soft lasers, are low-powered lasers that do not cut or burn tissue.  They offer therapeutic healing by gently surging energy or waves ofphotons to rejuvenate cells.  The lasers stimulate the mitochondria or the part of the cell which makes energy (ATP or Adenosinetriphosphate).  Think of it the way sunlight provides photons to stimulate plant growth in your garden.  Laser photons work in a similar fashion by providing photon energy to tissue and cells.

The QuantumWave cold laser is hand-held and easy to use.  We both got to test it out on our recurring shoulder pain.  My husband also got to test it on his chronic back pain.  Within a day of trying it, we were surprised to feel diminished pain.  I would not have believed it had I not experienced it for myself.  In total, we used a specific setting on the cold laser and directed it to our chronic pain and ran it for several repeat pulses that lasted about 4 minutes each.

Quantumwave Laser Package with Pulsars
Non Surgical Facelift 
In addition to the main QuantumWave Laser, we also tested the Pulsar Lasers.  These are hand held plug-ins that provides more precise energy to a specific problem area.  We ran these Pulsar Lasers to concentrate the energy on our pain points.  

In addition to minimizing pain, these can also be used to help diminish facial scarring, lines, wrinkles an even brown spots and acne scarring.  I did not personally get to test this aspect of the QuantumWave.  The theory behind lasers and skin care is it promotes the production of collagen and elastin.  When used, the laser firms and tones the skin, boosts immunity and reduces swelling.  It also reduces redness from blemishes, scarring from acne and abrasions, and softens old scars providing a natural “face lift” without any drugs or surgery. 

The benefit of the QuantumWave is people are able to purchase the product for personal use.  Rather than spending money and time on treatments at your doctors office you can do this at the convenience of your own home.  All members of your family can use it for whatever ails them.

If you’d like to learn more, see a demo or purchase one, contact, email or call:

Tammie Donnelly 


  1. How does your underarm laser hair removal felt like? I was almost tempted to have a laser hair removal in Long Island but I'm a bit scared it might hurt or it might have more side effects.

  2. A cold laser is definitely handy to keep around. Still, it shouldn't be an excuse not to take care of your body and stay in shape.


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