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Monday, April 23, 2012

AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 1 & 2 Building Homes in Mexico

This is an excerpt from my journal building homes for AMOR Ministries in Mexico.

Saturday April 14, 2012
"Before" - heading to Mexico.
Today was spent traveling by plane or bus to San Diego where our entire team of 175 would meet up.  After checking in to our hotel, we headed to Old Town San Diego for our last dinner before entering Mexico.

Old Town San Diego.
We had a great recommendation for dinner at La Pinata where they were able to accommodate our large party of 20 people.  Other teams split up and found other restaurants to dine.

After dinner we headed to our hotel where I'm sure everyone took a long, hot shower knowing it would be our last one for a week.

Sunday April 15, 2012
Our fleet of white vans.

This morning I took another hot shower.  I knew I would miss that luxury while in Mexico so I splurged and basked in the hot water.  After showering and getting dressed in my work clothes we headed to breakfast where we dined on scrambled eggs and muffins.  My husband noticed most of the bran muffins were left uneaten.  I guess everyone was dreading the toilet facilities at camp.

After breakfast we packed up.  Our Family and Youth Pastor, Tim, assembled everyone and we were assigned to various vans that could hold a dozen people.  Rather than take several large buses, we had numerous rented white vans that took all of us to Mexico.
Setting up tents for the kitchen

Our caravan headed south for the journey.  Once we reached the border we had a slight delay.  The other side however, to enter the USA, had a huge line.  We were warned that the return trip could be upwards of 3 hours to get back because of long immigration controls.

After driving for about 2 hours we reached our campsite.  Tim organized teams into work-groups to setup camp.  Our team, the Pink Team, was assigned to set up the kitchen.  That required setting up 6 tents and kitchen cabinets.  We also set up the medic tent.

Other teams had assignments including setting up student tents, tool preparation, and the Big Tent setup.  Once our task was done we were able to pitch our own tents to create tent city.

A Tour of Tent City

Our kitchen set-up at camp.
Tent City.

Sink station, 8 sinks and water barrels, lots of soap.

The Circus Tent where we convened every night for Family Time.

Water barrels that we used to fill our sun showers.

Our "open air" sun shower facility.

Our toilet town, best left seen from afar.

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