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Thursday, April 26, 2012

AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 5 Building Homes in Mexico

This is an excerpt from my journal building homes for AMOR Ministries in Mexico.

Wednesday April 17, 2012

Our evening routine is becoming more routine.  After returning from a physically exhausting day and getting plenty of hydration, we all return home ready to take a much needed sun shower.  The water is warm, good enough for me.

Despite temperatures that dip into the upper 40s, we wash our hair and let it dry in the cold air.  After dinner we get into our family groups and convene with a prayer and recap of the day.  

The next morning we're up and at 'em, raring to go.  This morning we're delightfully awakened by guitar music and girls singing rather than a bull horn.  Nice.

The same routine is played out today, another sack lunch and a warm breakfast fills out our morning.

Today we tackle some hard work that is more satisfying - getting the framing secured to the concrete foundation and assembling the roofing frames.  All of this is satisfying because we now see the fruits of our labor.  We actually see the house taking shape.   

Another hard day of work.  

Today we completed:
  • Cutting and assembling the walls
  • Secured the walls to the concrete foundation
  • Completed assembling the roof framing and secured it to the house

The walls go up!

The roof is attached!
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