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Friday, April 27, 2012

AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 6 Building Homes in Mexico

This is an excerpt from my journal building homes for AMOR Ministries in Mexico.

Thursday April 18, 2012 - Time-lapse sequence at the end of this post

What someone failed to tell us is that this last day of building would be as tiring and exhausting as the first day.  Maybe that's a good thing.  We were so anxious to see the completed structure, we were motivated and determined to get it done.

Today involved wrapping the outside walls with tar paper.  This process required rolls of tar paper nailed and stapled to the outside wooden walls.  The roof was covered with the painted plywood and then the same tar paper was stapled and nailed to the roof framing.  In addition to that rolls of roofing material was secured with tar on top of the tar paper.

Chicken wire was wrapped all around the outside walls of the house.  This is required in order for the stucco to adhere to the walls.  I forgot to mention that bailing wire was wrapped all around the outside walls about a foot apart all the way up and down the walls.  This helped provide more structure to the walls.  The tar paper was placed on top of the bailing wire.

Yesterday and today a crew sifted gravel to separate the rock from the fine sand for the stucco.  Similar to how the concrete was prepared, a crew prepared the stucco which we applied as if it was thick cake icing.  

I literally chiseled out a task for myself, helping with the front door frame and chiseling the door latch for Nati's first lockable front door.

The last few hours were spent furiously applying stucco to the walls.  

Tasks completed today:
  • Bailing wire nailed to outside walls, about 10" apart up and down.
  • Roof panels and moulding nailed to roof frame.
  • Doorways framed, and front door mounted and knobs installed.
  • Tar paper and chicken wire mounted on outside walls.
  • Tar paper and roofing material applied to roof.
  • Stucco mixture applied to outside walls.
  • Key ceremony - front door keys presented to Nadi.
  • Final hugs and friendship formed.
Nati's oldest daughter helped nail the bailing wire to the outside walls.

The crew that helped sift the fine sand from the gravel for the stucco.

A side view of the bailing wire before the tar paper goes on.

Tar paper applied to the outside of the walls.

Chicken wire nailed to the tar paper.

Getting the door ready for lock and key.

Applying stucco to the walls.

This is the front door with lock and key.

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