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Thursday, April 12, 2012

@EA The SIMS3 Katy Perry Showtime Review

By Alli, Age 14

My kids LOVE all things SIM.  That is, all things SIM-ulation from Electronic Arts.  I love it because it uses their imagination. It's interactive, it's stimulating and fun.  They've been playing SIM and all things SIM related since they were in elementary school.  Now that they are teens, they still love to play, and, by the way, they are all girls.  So video and electronic games are DEFINITELY not just for boys.  Below is my 14 year old daughter's review of the latest from EA, The SIMS3 Showtime Katey Perry:

Katy Perry Sims is a fun-n-n game! I actually put my book aside and played this game for a while! It has many new qualities such as more specific needs in the mood meter. This new addition tells the player how much time there is before the character needs, say sleep or some other activity.  I also enjoyed the new items you can buy and their style and look. 

There are also new abilites and toys as well! You are also able to connect the game to Facebook and keep updates on what your character has accomplished and new achievements or "memories" they have. 

The Sims games have always been creative and different, and this is sure to please. Gamers may have varying preferences, but I enjoyed the experience. One minor let down was that it was a little slow and tedious on the computer I was using, but it was made up for when I realized that you can move the screen using the mouse pad. In conclusion, this game was a hit.  

The game can be downloaded for instant playing, and costs around $49.99.  

Have fun! 

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