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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Brave" by Disney Pixar: An Interview with Producer Katherine Sarafian

The path and timeline from conception to reel can be an arduous and full-of-life journey for an animated film. A prime example is the journey of "Brave," Pixar's latest animated movie. Behind the scenes you will discover players whose lives were transformed during the making of the movie. 

Katherine and her husband at the premier
One of those integral players is Katherine Sarafian, the producer of "Brave." Not only did Sarafian (a protégé of Steve Jobs) add "producer" to her impressive resume, but she also closed a chapter on her life as a single-female executive at Pixar and added the roles of wife and mother during the six years that it took to get this movie from conception to birth.

When "Brave" first went into production, Sarafian was sent on the inaugural trip to Scotland to do an exploratory journey with the storytellers, creators, and animators to capture the full sense of the location and imbibe the culture, scents, and sights so central to this movie. [Continued on Yahoo! Movies]

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