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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ride the Ducks San Francisco

Oftentimes during the summer we'll get unexpected guests who end up causing us in a good way to become tourists in our own neck of the woods.  That's what  happened when my nephew from Maryland came to visit us this summer.  My daughters and I made a list of fun and interesting things to do to fill up our time with him.  Near the top of our list was "Ride the Duck" tour in San Francisco.  This is a unique amphibian tour that takes you on land and water all in the comfort of staying in the same vehicle while learning about San Francisco.  We boarded our ride on the corner of Taylor and Jackson, directly across from the big Fisherman's Wharf sign.

Catch the Duck Tour on the corner of Taylor and Jackson, directly across Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

The  nearly 2-hour tour was entertaining with a conDUCKtor who pointed out the sights as we went about our tour along with catchy songs that we could quack along to with the bright yellow quackers that were distributed to each person.

When we descended upon the bay (see video below of that) we got to see another side of San Francisco that you really appreciate especially when the weather is great, which was the case for our party.

 During the tour you will get a fantastic view of the AT&T ballpark and the Bay Bridge. 
View from the duck - AT&T ball park and the San Francisco skyline.
A great photo op during the tour - taking a photo of your child as they steer the boat

It was a fun time by all accounts, definitely a new and unique tour for out-of-town guests.  So next time you're looking for a fun staycation or activity with visitors, check out RIDE THE DUCK tour in San Francisco. For ticket information click on this link.  Get a couple of dollars off when you purchase them online. Quack quack! Have fun! Full disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets.  However all opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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