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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A New Logo for My Photography Page! Tina Case Photography

I've never had a custom designed - anything.  Well, actually I have.  I had my wedding dress custom designed by this amazing seamstress a friend introduced me to.  I showed her photos of different dresses I liked and she was a like a wizard whipping it up and making it look just like I imagined.  So aside from that I've never really had anything custom designed for me.  UNTIL NOW.  

It was time for me to create a logo for my photography business.  The one I had was home-made, put together from various free sites and taking a free template from The Coffee Shop Blog and fonts from Dafont's free site.  I'd scour the web to see what other photographer's logos looked like and just other sites in general.

Serendipitously, a wonderful young and creative designer literally walked into my home.  He's a good friend of my eldest daughter who is a Animation/Illustration major over at SJSU.  So fortunately for me, she hangs out with some very creative people.  

Jeiji Bruno took the time to interview me with a list of well-thought-out questions which helped inspire my thinking about what I wanted in a logo and more importantly where I want to take my business.  The only requirements I strongly requested is that a heart shape be incorporated somewhere, somehow, in the logo.  It is because I genuinely feel that I put a lot of heart into my photography.  I take the time to know my clients and really feel how it is that they live their busy lives.  But I also wanted it to reflect photography.  "Good luck with those requirements," I thought after we finished up our meeting.  When Jeiji came back with his initial designs I was thrilled.  I did not know what to expect but when i saw it I loved it.  Here's what Jeiji says about the process:

"I love it when a logo does its job: saying everything it should in the simplest way possible. When doing sketches for this logo, the main thing I kept in mind was Tina's deep sense of love and family. I passed through concepts involving a 'mama' capital 'C' and a 'baby' lower-case 'c', turned into each other so it appeared as if they were hugging from a bird's-eye view. I also tried cutting a heart shape out of a capital 'C' in her name. But the one that stuck out was the one we went forward with. 

The primary concept people will see first depends on that person's occupation and/or mindset. To the average person, a minimal heart made of five lines would probably be most apparent. But to a professional or serious photographer, the familiar lines of metering and bracketing might surface first.  
The heart's five lines represent Tina's five-member family. It is also important that five lines is the fewest amount of straight lines possible to clearly represent a heart. 
The colors (Seafoam and Chocolate) are very contrasting colors, mirroring Tina's personality of exciting and energetic passion and fun. The font (Neutraface) also was chosen for this reason. 
As this brand develops I am excited to see our combined curiosities create beautiful stationery, stickers, envelopes, and whatever else our imaginations can possibly think of. This will be super fun."

Fun it was.  And while the color scheme might surprise people, I was drawn to the browns and blues and greens right from the start.  I do love chocolate, so maybe that's why. I am super pleased with the result and look forward to designing some stationery, biz cards and stickers.  I just finished hanging my new logo on my website, check it out over here: Tina Case Photography.

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