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Monday, August 13, 2012

Love Joy's Tea Room: Things To Do in San Francisco

One of the most scrumptious pleasures you can experience when visiting San Francisco is Tea Time.  There are at least 10 places to enjoy this British past time in the city, including The Palace Hotel.

But it was with pure merriment that I went for the first time with 3 friends and our daughters to partake in the decadent delights at Love Joy's Tea Room.

Love Joy's was initially an antique shop that happened to serve tea but ended up evolving into a tea room that became a small shop of antiques and knick-knack treasures.  For anyone who has missed their Tea Time with the Queen, Love Joy's has what you've been missing.  Their menu includes Cream Tea service, High Tea, Queen's Tea, and even Wee Tea for young tea drinkers. The ambiance is akin to walking into aunt Mabel's cottage where you can get cozy and comfortable in the wooden chairs and unpretentious table linens.  Services of mixed-matched saucers and tea cups adorn each place setting giving it a whimsical feel (and makes you realize you can do this at home with Good Will finds).  The waitresses give you a thorough rundown of the menu and wide selection of tea.  Each of us had our own tea pot, I enjoyed a decaf chocolate tea, it was utterly devine :)

Of course Tea would not be complete without an array of sandwiches including cucumber and chicken-apple-walnut.  We also had crumpets, scones topped with lemon curd, fruit preserves and Devon cream (yum).  "Bottomless" tea continued to be poured as we sat through a long afternoon celebrating friendship and tradition.

Love Joy's Tea Room
1351 Church Street (at Clipper)
San Francisco, CA 94114
Telephone: (415) 648-5895

Easy to get to via Muni, take the J and get off on Church and Clipper, it's right across the way.

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