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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treat Night

I count myself among the parenting pros in terms of Halloween safety. So far I have gone through exactly 21 years of safe Halloween trick-or-treat excursions. Not even one tummy ache, cavity or scraped knee throughout that time. Oh sure, there were screams and ghoulish cackles, but all in all our family's memories of Halloween set the tone for the autumn season and are the prelude to the winter holidays. So what can you do to ensure a safe Halloween?
First, excite your husband for the tour of duty while you relax with a glass of bloody wine with your mommy friends. Really - it's all part of the sinister trick of having a fun and safe time on Halloween night:

Neighborhood Block Party
Form a neighborhood brigade. We are fortunate to live in a true "Trick or Treat" neighborhood comprised of 30 homes with multiple cul-de-sacs. If you are not so fortunate then map out a safe route ahead of time that creates a designated path for you and your children. Don't waste your time going to homes that do not have "welcome lights" on that night.  [Continued on Yahoo! Shine]

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