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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

78 Degrees Takes Spirits to a New Level - @78CognacScotch

For a great date night out, check out 78 Degrees and their events in the San Francisco-San Jose area where they present various educational events like Cognac 101.  I recently attended an amazing night hosted at Fahrenheit Restaurant and Lounge by 78 Degrees and learned a lot more than I ever imagined about these fine spirits.  
78 Degrees was founded by two friends, Richard Converse and Brad Cammon.  Together they discovered an opportunity to educate people in the history of fine spirits much the same way that the wine industry has done the past few decades.  Nowadays it is common to hear about wine tasting events.   I've even had friends host wine parties where they select premium wines from all over the world and pair them with foods that enhance and bring out the full body of the wine.  

78 Degrees aims to educate the public in a similar fashion but on a scale that combines incredible food at wonderful local restaurants.  At Cognac 101 both Brad and Richard introduced each of the spirits in an informative and entertaining manner.  All of the appetizers and main courses were carefully hand picked by Richard and Brad after consultations with the chef and owner.  Each guest gets a fully crafted, custom menu that pairs different cognacs which are elevated as the evening progresses.  To get a glimpse into that evening you can check out a recap of that event on their blog.  Needless to say, it was a culinary and "spiritual" adventure.  I cannot wait until the next event on Saturday November 17th!

As for the photographs I had the incredible fun capturing the spirits as they flowed from their decanters and listen to the guests who became a LOT more spirited as the evening progressed.  They were a delightful bunch of people and everyone had a spectacular time.
I'll be taking photos at their next event on Saturday November 17 in San Jose.  This time it will be focused on all five Johnny Walker labels and paired with five hand-selected dishes.  It will be held at a different restaurant and I'm sure it will be just as delightful.   
By the way, my favorite dishes at the Fahrenheit Restaurant and Lounge were the Spicy Chicken Endive Salad and the Chocolate Mousse with a side of Pumpkin Spice Gelato.  The Pork Belly was incredible also - everything was simply luscious.  
So be sure to check out 78 Degrees website and attend an upcoming event.  It will be fun, tasty and educational evening.

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