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Friday, January 18, 2013

Clip-N-Clamp Multi-Purpose Holder

I recently received a nifty device called the Clip-N-Clamp to review.  I am an avid iPhone junkie (like millions of people) - the type who carries it almost everywhere including my night table to use as my alarm clock.  I figure that in case of a power failure or catastrophe (I live in California, potential earthquake territory) my iPhone is my emergency device.

But the thing about the iPhone is because we tend to take it everywhere we need a way to hold and position it in the car, on a desk, on a kitchen counter or in the garage.  That's where the Clip-N-Clamp comes in.

I also use my iPhone as a camera a great deal.  Now you have a great tripod to assist in taking perfect shots.

The Clip-N-Clamp has a flexible, strong arm (aka the Flexarm) that can bend 360 degrees and position your smartphone upright, sideways, tilted or upwards.  One end has a custom-designed  clamp that can be attached to multiple surfaces.  Optional clips allow you to attached various devices to the Clip-N-Clamp.

The photo here shows just the clip detached from the clamp which is handy for standing upright on your work desk.

How did it come about?
The product was developed based on the Baby Giraffe.   Developers realized how it could be leveraged as a smartphone holder.  The Baby Giraffe was created for babies who don't have full control of their hands until they are about 4-8 months of age.  The Clip-N-Clamp allows folks to be hands-free whether they are in the car, working in the garage or cooking dinner in the kitchen.

So check it out.  For only $19.95 this (30-day money back guarantee) could be just the tool you need for your smartphone!

Full disclosure: I received a Clip-N-Clamp to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I really do love this product.  

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