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Monday, January 7, 2013

The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge: Are YOU In?

I work from home and from time to time that means I don't always eat right.  If snacks abound, like they did over the holidays, well then I'm prone to snacking on sweets instead of the healthier fare.  So when I heard about the 30-Day Simple Green Smoothie Challenge I was intrigued.

On top of learning more about the benefits and results of replacing one or two meals with a green smoothie check out how Jadah, one of the two main owners of the site, looked BEFORE and AFTER getting into the Green Smoothie regime.  Astounding and motivating indeed!

So today was my first day replacing lunch with a green smoothie.  The only complaint I have is I'm always cold and my house is set to a smoldering 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  So a smoothie does decrease my body temperature a bit.  More reason to get out and to a few jumping-jacks to warm up! I have to say it was very tasty and I did not feel hungry like I usually do a few hours later.  I did sweeten it with a little bit of honey.

I am going to get my kids to join me in the challenge as I feel they need to get more green leafy and colorful fruits in their diet.

So check out the challenge and join!  And sign up to receive a free recipe book.  My blender is going to get a workout this month.  I'm excited.  I'll keep you posted on my progress and favorite recipes.

Oh, and I'll be using greens from SV Local Markets, my favorite place to get my fresh, local, organic and sustainable produce.  They rock!

And check out the container I used above from Acme Party Box - I love their glassware, they make perfect smoothie containers!

Check out Simple Green Smoothies website
Facebook and Instagram (they have over 50K followers!)

See how to make a Green Smoothie for Kids - get that blender a workout this month!

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