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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: 'Sugar Daddy' by Nicole Andrews Moore

It's not often that I have the chance to sit down for hours at a stretch to read a good romance novel from cover to cover.  In my twenties (that is, before kids) I used to read loads of novels from authors ranging from Jane Austen to Danielle Steel.  And while you may think that those two particular authors are worlds apart I actually think they have a lot in common.  They lived in different eras but are both romance novelists who write with a measure of lust, eloquence and style and created a genre that is timeless.

I was fortunate to get an ARC copy of "Sugar Daddy" by Nicole Andrews Moore.  Nicole and I are fellow bloggers. But it is with pure amazement that I see how Nicole has taken her passion for writing to a level far beyond mine at this time and has written several books and has a sweet (uh huh - "sugary") way with words.

To top this all off Nicole was writing while dealing with an incredible year of navigating her way around life as a mother of a premature baby who weighed a mere 9.6 ounces at birth.  You can read more about that experience in another book she wrote called "Keeping Up With Kenna."

As I mentioned her latest novel is called "Sugar Daddy."  While the family was off skiing I had the chance to sit by the fire imbibing in a mug of hot cocoa.  Pure bliss.  But I have to admit leaving a book with that title on the kitchen counter got a few double takes.  Sugar Daddy?  If my family thought I had some 'splaining to do, they weren't going to get it.  We all want a sugar daddy - go ahead, you can admit it.

The author, Nicole, engages the reader immediately from her first syrupy paragraph to the last satisfying bite.  The protagonist of the story is Hannah Matthews.  Hannah is a well-educated woman and the mother of twin daughters.  She discovers her husband is having an affair and is devastated and nearly paralyzed with shock at how her life has been pulled apart.  She tries to shield her daughters from the situation and struggles to make ends meet with her pitiful job for which she is grossly overqualified.  So what does she do?  She puts out an ad to find a sugar daddy of course!

In walks Gavin Meyers who is reeling in the wake of his own marital tidal wave.  In his attempt to seek revenge on his wife, Gavin answers Hannah's ad and that's where the unexpected begins.  While you may think this is just another lusty, predictable romance novel, stop right there in your tracks.  Nicole takes you on a wonderful ride that is as much fun as a summer boardwalk roller coaster.  And while it's not as graphic as "50 Shades of Grey" it is on the list of what to read after that sweaty novel.  So get a copy of "Sugar Daddy" to sink your teeth into for your next book club, beach day or Mom-Needs-a-Time-Out-Day.  Nicole has an effortless style that is easy to read and engaging from the start.  Every single character is shaped in your imagination with her vividly descriptive prose.

For a great summertime or anytime indulgent escape, "Sugar Daddy" should be on your reading menu.

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