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Monday, February 4, 2013

Print My Watercolor Print Boutique: 25% Discount for Our Readers

These days nearly everyone has a camera at any given moment.  Flickr statistics show that on average about 1.42 million photos are uploaded DAILY.  Topping that are Instagram uploads which are ticking 2-3 times as fast as Flickr with 4.5 million uploads daily.  

Rather than taking a common approach to printing out your favorite image we are excited to introduce you to a beautiful way to showcase your best shots.   At Print My Watercolor (www.printmywatercolor.com), you can turn a digital image into a watercolor work-of-art ready for hanging.  

Whether it is a family portrait or a landscape from your last vacation (my family just traveled to Australia) just select your favorite image and upload it into the very easy-to-use 3-step system.  I recently uploaded a memorable image I took of the Sydney Opera House under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Seeing this image brings me back to our fantastic family vacation and the fun my entire family had.  It was one of our favorite vacations ever.  By preserving that photo in a watercolor I now have a spectacular way to showcase and remember that event.

How the process works: Print My Watercolor takes your digital photo and produces it on archival watercolor paper.  It is then attached by hand to wooden bars with a leather strap ready to hang the minute you take it out of it's box.  The boutique print shop of experienced digital artists create watercolor prints using high quality materials, professional photo retouching techniques and the newest generation printers. They use archival grade material, oil based ink and real archival and textured watercolor paper. All of this is carefully crafted from their studio out of San Francisco, California.  

               Look for our special 25% discount below for our readers

Print My Watercolor was founded by Jesse Goff.  Jesse is a very successful commercial photography artist who's been in the business for over 20 years.  He emerged as a creative force in professional photography when he opened his San Francisco studio in 1996 and has managed a variety of photographic assignments, including high-profile work with Carlos Santana, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev and clients such Google, Apple Computer, Nike, Sony, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Kodak, Barclays, Amtrak, Hilton Hotels to name a few. Jesse Goff's photographic imagery and visual sense has been strongly influenced by his work and travel internationally. He has created advertising photographs for some of the most recognizable American brands and travels frequently around the world shooting jobs. In addition to shooting commercial work, Jesse's fine art prints are available as limited edition prints in select art galleries. One of Jesse's favorite part of his work is making prints.  With his team he began providing printing output services to his photography clients in 2003.  Since then he has expanded his printing businesses to three separate specialized online printing companies that provide unique printed products to people all over the United States. 

Jesse saw the trend where more and more people were taking photos with better quality devices that produced striking results.  But the older ways of producing prints to decorate your home were techniques that have been around.  Jesse wanted to move away from the old and tired 4x6 prints that end up sitting in shoe boxes and providing a way to inexpensively and easily create cool wall decor of their most treasured images.  

The watercolor prints come as a hanging art scroll with beautifully crafted wooden dowels.   The leather hanging strap completes the elegant solution and allows you to instantly hang it on a wall.

For our readers we are giving a very special 25% discount good through February 14, 2013.  Just use the code GRAPEVINE25 at check out and no matter what size print you select the discount will apply.  Take advantage of this special discount.  Add something unique and new for your clients in time for Valentine's Day!

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