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Monday, February 4, 2013

Shutterfly DEAL: The Art of Writing a LOVELY ONE-LINER

The countdown to Valentine's Day has begun.  To celebrate why not get a few heart beats ahead and check out Shutterfly's Valentine's Day sale - Love is All Around:
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Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks recently stopped by Shutterfly (with Josh Duhamel!) to answer questions about the upcoming film, Safe Haven. He offered some advice on the art of writing a loving one-liner.  

Nicholas Sparks' Four S's of Writing a Valentine's Day One-Liner: 

    Keep it STRONG
    Be committed. Your line must convey love, and convey it in no uncertain terms. Stay away from language that is open for interpretation or that leaves room for doubt—avoid words like “might” and “maybe.”
    Keep it SINCERE
    Think about love as a very real, personal thing between you and the person you love. Find inspiration from your relationship. What does this love mean to you?
    Keep it SIMPLE
    Your goal is to convey your feelings—not your intelligence. Don’t be too wordy, and if you’re going to use metaphor, pick one; it’s better to have one metaphor that says it all than a number of metaphors that each fall short in their own way.
    Keep it SHORT
    Do not hide your message in an endless parade of phrases, words, and descriptions. Part of what makes the phrase “I love you” so powerful is that it evokes such a powerful emotion in so few words.
Try writing your own special one-liner with the free Valentine's Day card (promo code CARD4U) from Shutterfly and pair it with a special photo gift using our $10 off $10 discount (promo code LOVESTRUCK


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