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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Purex Natural Elements Laundry Detergent - Tropical Splash

Who said laundry had to smell bad?  Well it might before it goes in the washing machine.   But once you stuff it in your front loading washing machine (or top loading) with Purex's Natural Elements Tropical Splash it can literally come out smelling like roses.  Or a tropical island with pineapple and coconut.  Yes, it's time to get out the blender and whip up a nice pina colada while you fold the laundry.

Purex's #1 Natural Elements detergent is introducing a new line of wonderfully smelling clothes soap that will brighten your day.  As you put on your shirt and your nose gets a whiff of the fresh, natural scent you will be transported, if just for a second, to Hawaii.  Or Jamaica.  Whatever your island of choice is.  I have tested this laundry detergent and I have to admit, it is WONDEFUL.  Who knew clothes could smell this good.  I can't wait to wash my sheets and enjoy this scent in the comfort of my tempurpedic bed.

Even my family noticed this new detergent.  I had no idea they would smell the difference.  But they did.  Now we have Maui on our minds.

What's extra nice is Purex's Natural Elements is 100% hypoallergenic.  It's optimized to perform in high efficiency or traditional washing machines.  And the best part?  Purex costs about half the price of other leading detergents.  Why pay more for other detergents when you can get the same results - plus the wonderful tropical smell?

Right now I have a bottle of Purex Natural Elements to giveaway to 2 lucky winners.  You can get a free bottle of Purex Natural Elements by leaving a comment on my blog with your name and email address.  If you forget your email address I won't have a way of contacting you so please don't forget that.  I will do a random drawing on Monday March 18th 12 noon Pacific.

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Full Disclosure: I was provided with a free bottle of Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash to test out.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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