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Saturday, April 20, 2013

TV and Educating Children: PBS Children's Education

Guest Post courtesy of David Fogel

TV and PBS: Television can be a great tool to help educate your child while entertaining them at the same time. Learning is incredibly important when your child is young, and there are many great TV shows that are focused on education for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beyond.

Sharon Rechter, co-founder of Baby First TV, suggests that TV for kids can be good in moderation as a tool for teaching children. Sharon shared her ideas on allowing children to watch some television with their parents and for just a little while during the day. To avoid getting your kids stuck on one same show, Sharon recommended sharing a few shows with them at once so you can rotate them out. Add some of these educational PBS shows to your child's TV lineup to give them more ways to learn, and to give you a break from watching the same shows over and over.

SUPER WHY Age range: 3-6 years old Show specialties: SUPER WHY aims to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners skills that will help them on their journeys to learn to read and become better readers. Literary characters, such as the Princess from The Princess and the Pea and Red from Little Red Riding Hood, accompany your child in a TV adventure where they'll be presented with a problem they need to help solve. Your child will see social skills at work as the characters figure out a solution. 

Maya and Miguel Age range: 6-11 years old Show specialties: Maya and Miguel has a special cultural outlook and explores life with 10-year old siblings, Maya and Miguel. The show teaches elementary school kids about looking at the world a different way, and taking interest in other cultures and traditions. Plus, it teaches kids that learning new languages and speaking more than one language can be fun! The show puts emphasis on English skills and using the English language properly.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Age range: 2-5 years old Show specialties: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a timeless children's show featuring the beloved Fred Rogers as a guide for children. Mister Rogers teaches children about growing up and learning to treat themselves and others right. Your child will learn about values and respecting others, and they'll have an easier time keeping up with everything because the show is slow-paced on purpose.

Sid The Science Kid Age range: 3-6 Show specialties: Teach your child all about science with Sid The Science Kid and his adventures. Kids wonder about everything – and Sid and the gang answer all of your child's questions about the world. The show teaches your child how to ask questions and to be curious about life. Scientific thinking teaches kids about learning and gets them prepared for school. 

Look for more educational children's programming and channels with getdirecttv.org. PBS offers a wealth of fun, educational shows for kids of all ages. Check out Sesame Street, Arthur, Martha Speaks, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, Fizzy's Lunch Lab, Cyberchase and more! Find a good mix of shows to watch with your child so there's always something new to watch.

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