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Friday, June 7, 2013

@CrunchiesFood Healthy, Crunchy and Delicious Snacks for your Family!

Proper nutrition is a challenge these days.  With families that are constantly on the go, eating right is not always front and center.  So when you know about a product that is healthy, tasty and nutritious you have to stock up on it.  Check out Crunchies Food (established in 2006) which are debuting these new snacks nationwide this summer.   Kids of all ages will love the crunch and taste.  They are even coming out with a Warner Brothers cartoon lines of snacks.

Little Crunchies are made by freeze-drying them in a vacuum chamber that removes 97% of the moisture.  The process gives Little Crunchies their amazing texture and crunch.  All of the vitamins are retained, unlike traditional heat drying.

As I mentioned these crunchy snacks are coming to a store near you this summer 2013.  Check for them at your grocery story, natural whole food store and Walmart.

As a mom you will appreciate that these snacks are so good for your kids and easy to pack for school lunches.  They are great for airplane trips, in the car for emergency snacks and to pack in your party gift bags.

Check out their site to see all of the delicious flavors. Here's a sampling you can see in the photo.

To find out more check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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