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Thursday, June 6, 2013

GIVEAWAY @Clublocal Makes Home Repairs EASY BREEZY

* NOTE: Bay Area Entries ONLY at this time:

It never fails.  Your husband leaves for a business trip and all of the sudden the dishwasher breaks and the refrigerator goes on the fritz.  Or the clothes washer starts flooding the floor with water and the garage door won't open.  Even if your husband is home and an appliance malfunctions he doesn't have the time to take care of it.  That's where @Clublocal comes to the rescue.  Originally out of Texas, they are expanding in California.

This very scenario happened at my home.  Our dishwasher was making a crazy noise and not draining water at all.  And of course our dishwasher is relatively new - we remodeled in 2008 so it's only 5 years old.  But my husband was busy at work and I expect love for him to take on this responsibility.  Fortunately I just learned about a new service for busy families.  It's called Clublocal.  Clublocal takes all of the madness out of home repair. All of the background checks, licensing and insurance credentials are taken care of by them.  All you have to do is download the app or pick up the phone to schedule an appointment.

A few months ago, before I learned about Clublocal, our refrigerator went on the fritz.  It took days before the repairman could come out to fix what turned out to be a simple freezer issue.  With Clublocal I was amazed to get an appointment immediately.  And I did not have this crazy 8-hour window where I had to wait and wait for them to arrive.

As a matter of fact a great service that is part of Clublocal is they will email, text and call you to let you know their whereabouts.  You are not tied to sticking around home to wait for their arrival.  You know in REAL TIME when they will be at your front door.  How incredible is that?  I wish the cable guy was like that.

Turns out our dishwasher was okay.  It was a piece of chicken bone that clogged a tube.  Our repairman taught me how to check for clogs, how to get nice bright shiny glasses (with white vinegar and not some costly dishwashing detergent) and how to maintain a solidly functioning machine that will last for years.

To recap:
  • Clublocal does all of the prescreening for you.  All service technicians are "A" rated, licensed and insured
  • They provide a great app for your phone to track the arrival time of your repairman.  You are no longer teethered to your home in an 8-hour window waiting for them to show up.
  • You will not be surprised by a high bill.  They will discuss all options and provide estimates and warranties.
  • Payments are made with an iPad and your invoices are easily sent to you electronically.
So what are you waiting for?  How about a nice giveaway?  One lucky winner will receive a $250 credit to Clublocal.  Maybe you have a leaky faucet, fridge on the fritz, or need to get your car detailed. To enter please do the following:
  • Follow Clublocal on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ClubLocal
  • Leave a comment below with your EMAIL ADDRESS (Mandatory)
  • We will pick a random (random.org) winner on June 27, 2013.  
  • So don't wait, - enter today and check them out!

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