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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Play-Doh App for Kids - Fun While Learning

Hasbro has introduced its first-ever educational app for PLAY-DOH, the beloved 55 year old brand.  Developed and published by PlayDate Digital, PLAY-DOH Create ABCs for Apple and Android devices helps kids learn the alphabet in creative PLAY-DOH Fashion.

Below is our review by our 12-year old blogger, Grayson:
Play-Doh Create ABCs app for iPad is a lot of fun.  It is easy to use and would be great for ages 4-6.  In the app, you can learn to write your ABCs using virtual Play-Doh. Once the letter is complete it shows you a Play-Doh creation that starts with the same letter just drawn (example: D is for duck).  Then you have the option to create your own version of this image.  My favorite part was building and then squishing my creations.
My sisters, ages 6-11, also loved playing Play-Doh Create ABCs. At times my 11-year-old sister found the game repetitive but the 6 and 8 year played for a long time. One of their favorite parts was all the colors of Play-Doh that you could chose for your creations.
Play-Doh Create ABCs is a fun, mess free way for learning.
Full Disclosure: We received a code to test out this app for free.  But all opinions are 100% that of our reviewer.

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