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Monday, June 3, 2013

Viva ivivva athletica! Lululemon Takes Leap with ivivva for Active Girls!

What do you get when you mix sweat-pants-comfort with incredible style?  For sure you won’t get sweats, t-shirts and hoodies.  What you will get is ivivva athletica, the fantastic, stylish, comfortable line from the creators of Lululemon.  Lululemon is known for their outstanding quality and comfort in stylish athletic wear for women and men.  They work with athletes to create functional clothes that don’t lose their beautiful form.  The clothes stand up to the rigorous movement, sweat and repeat-wear (and believe me, you will want to wear ivivva over and over again) of athletes and young movers and shakers.

Lululemon Quality
Thanks to the creative designers at Lululemon Athletica the new apparel brand ivivva athletica is just for girls ages 4 to 14.  (Once you grow past size 14 you can freely go straight to Lululemon!)  Designed for active bodies, Ivivva feels like you are wearing sweat pants and T-shirts but you sure won’t look frumpy anymore. 

For the Active Girl
ivivva wear is created for the seriously active girl.  Feedback from dancers, gymnasts, runners and well, - movers, play a big part in designing Ivivva clothes.  Ivivva uses the exact same high-quality fabrics that Lululemon does.  That means their technical fabrics can stretch, twist, and bend – without losing their original shape unlike those baggy knees you get with sweat pants.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?  Once you wear sweat pants and bend, squat or sit they start taking shape in those spots and never go back to their original form.  Say ‘goodbye’ to that baggy sweat pants look forever and ‘helloooo’ ivivva athletica!

New ivivva Stores
My daughter and I attended the grand opening of the ivivva Walnut Creek store.  Within minutes of entering the store it was filled with young girls who excitedly ran around the store picking out beautiful outfits.    It was clear that their smart moms know the quality and comfort of Lululemon.  Check out their site to see if a new ivivva store is opening near you.  We were welcomed to the best service with store manager Betsy and Nathalie at the Walnut Creek ivivva.  They both helped my daughter pick out the perfect outfits in the correct sizes to suit her running and soccer style.

If you don't have a store near you, don’t fret.  You can always purchase online.  And shipping within the U.S. is free!

Whether your daughter is a dancer, soccer player, runner or skateboarder ivivva has apparel to suit her style.  If there isn’t a store near you then freely browse online and shop from the convenience of your home or office.

Quality, Comfort and Style
As a mom I always look for good quality.   I know all Moms appreciate clothes that not only wear well but also wash well.   ivivva clothes are pre-shrunk.  That means if they fit perfectly in the store they will fit after you wash and dry them.  Too many times I have purchased clothes that shrink after the first wash.  Not anymore.

The fit is incredible.  Designed for pure comfort you won’t find a seam that irritates or a strap that keeps falling down your shoulder.  Even the headbands are designed to be slip-free.  My daughters love that feature and the headbands are stylish to wear everyday.

Beyond the comfort of ivivva apparel is the incredible attention to detail.  From long sleeved running shirts that have a thumbhole to keep sleeves in place while keeping your hands warm to Hoodies with a built-in hair tie (now how smart is that?) you will live in your ivivva wear.  And look great.  No way can you achieve all that with sweats.

If you haven’t checked out ivivva or Lululemon then get off your rear, start moving and go in comfort.  

But only if you’re wearing ivivva or Lululemon.

Full disclosure:  We were invited to attend the grand opening of ivivva in Walnut Creek.  We were provided with a store credit.  We ended up spending our own money because the quality, style, function and durability just can't be beat. All opinions are 100% my own.

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