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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mosquito Repelling Potagerie at One Kings Lane

I'm a mosquito magnet - not sure what it is but I can be surrounded by lots of people outdoors and the mosquitos will find me.  This summer I got bitten while everyone else in my group did not.  So, if this happens to you, read on!

Outdoor entertaining is one of the great joys of spring and summer. Until, of course, the bugs invade. In place of spray and pesticides, try a cluster of mosquito-repelling potted plants. Grouped together near a seating area on your deck or patio, they make a pretty and lush addition to your outdoor landscape while also protecting you and your guests. Check out One Kings Lane's article Easy Update: Mosquito-Repelling Potagerie for more information about how a trio of lush potted plants will have you saying good-bye to bug spray.

In addition to warding off pests, these plants add beauty and color to your backyard.  So check it out!

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